Though formally “I’M Fit” started in Oct 2016 it was conceived and curated for previous 2-3 years by the contributions of enthusiasm and love of fitness. 

Being a sportsman since childhood and having played Football and Hockey was always inclined towards fitness and perfect health. Unluckily i met with an accident in the year 2010 and suffered a Knee Injury and got operated in 2011 for the knee ligament tear. During the post operation recovery, rehabilitation and physiotherapy period he realized the utmost necessity of fitness for any sportsmen’s life. In this time of finding the new mantra for fitness I learned fitness exercises from Mumbai through specialized people. Again this was when he got inspired by Striders Miles (Highly regarded group of seasoned runners) of Mumbai and dreamt of creating “I’M Fit” in due course of time. 

Thus “I’M Fit” was born. Today “I’M Fit” is one of the unique group of Fitness and Training after Mumbai in the whole of western Maharashtra. “I’M Fit” today is more than 100 people strong. Below mentioned are some of the activities we conduct on daily, weekly or occasionally.